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[06 Nov 2004|03:22am]
a couple hours of thursday and matchbook romance later... i'm feeling pretty "emo" right now.
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[04 Nov 2004|01:00am]
[ mood | tired ]

the christian right is nonexistant, huh? as of november 2nd, i seriously have my doubts about this country (as if i didn't already). when tolerance is thrown out the window, big business is favored over the lives of human beings, and we still continue to waste state funds on prisons... the country is slipping so far to the right, despite the evidence that bush's support is religious and based on morals, i cna't help but think there's a huge selfishness and lack of compassion in the results.

ya, i guess i'm just a bit too jaded to really talk about politics anymore, i vented enough all day long anyway. i can only hope that these next 2 years of hell will open people's eyes and under the leadership of obama, the dems regain control of the house and senate in 06 and the doors open up for clinton, round 2 in 08.

anyway, work has been tiring. thus, the lack of updates. night before halloween i got to work snacks (yes, that includes the candy) and the night of halloween i got to work costumes. working at target makes me hate people even more for being so incosiderate and throwing products recklessly around.

classes are going pretty well. got an a on the p9 midterm, so i'm 3/3 for a's right now with my second italian midterm still being graded and my second ecology midterm coming up on tuesday. hopefully i can keep this up.

the warriors lost, i'm sad. there goes the perfect season.

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[30 Oct 2004|04:14pm]
[ mood | determined ]

so i had the most horrible luck wednesday night/thursday morning. including, but not limited to:
cable/internet had an outage in the afternoon
i was worried about my psych midterm cuz sejal told me it was gonna be hard
had work from 6-11 when i needed to study and rest cuz i was tired and sick
got ditched at tapex cuz bj showed up like way later than he said he would so i was gone by then
ended up spending like an extra hour and a half studyin = no sleep til 3:30/4 for a 9:30 midterm
it hardly rained all night, but guess what happened when i walked out to my car? yup, and it stopped right when i got in too
woke up with a bloody nose.

haha, so ya, things just weren't going my way. but i made the best of it and the test wasn't that hard so whatever. i think i've finally made the decision to try and show a little more maturity and grow up. ya i've been talkin about it for awhile but i'm finally gonna act on it. i figured i'd start by dealing with unsettled issues of the past. yup, that means apologizing to jon and geoff from laguna. so i wrote them e-mails, one of which was actually received very well. i think this was something that's been on my mind a lot more than i was willing to admit and i never really dealt with it, but i've made my effort to end it now.

i guess at a certain point we all have to grow up. i think i can be happier now if i try not to get upset over little things and try to live in a more accepting way. a lot of the way i'd like to live my life have been talk up until now, but a few small changes can't hurt i suppose.

work is tiring, but things are going pretty well.

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[27 Oct 2004|05:29pm]
[ mood | stressed ]

wonderful. work from 6-11. with a psych midterm that's supposed to be hard at 9:30 tomorrow.

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[26 Oct 2004|10:49pm]
[ mood | good ]

i like my job at target, it's nice. i just wish i didn't have to close all the time, haha.

hmm, so what have i been up to lately... saw team america, that movie was freaking awesome. had the most amazing comeback in scrabble against christian at cha, lol. down 23 points, last word with cha about 5 mintues past closing time, when i found a way to score 31 points! haha, man that game is fun.

i got a 94/100 on my italian midterm. i got 72/80 on my ecology midterm. i have my p9 midterm that i haven't studied for on thursday and my second italian midterm next tuesday.

went out with jon on saturday night for his birthday dinner at some mexican place in hunington beach. steak rancheros are bad stuff, haha.

halifax and sparta rock. just thought it'd throw that in there.

ya, i think i'm pretty content right now in my life, sorta coming outta the whole post-semi-depressed stage or whatever. things are going pretty good, but i'm still really confused about a lot of things. it seems like time isn't such a great healer or problem solver... i need to start doing something about my own damn problems. a nice attitude, but i lack the self-confidence or motivation to do it. guess that's the story of my life so far, heh. eventually i gotta take things into my own hands...

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[24 Oct 2004|01:51am]
[ mood | amused ]


ashlee simpson getting owned on SNL... hahahha.

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[23 Oct 2004|12:05am]
[ mood | tired ]

so i found out what happened.

a guy held up the electronics section for a palm pilot or something with a machette. his partner made it out the doors and got taken down with a tazer. the other guy was stopped inside the store.

cool, huh? i almost got held up by a guy with a machette, haha.

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[20 Oct 2004|11:31pm]
[ mood | tired ]

so, it was supposed to be day 2 of training. and by training i guess they meant a full day of working the registers. haha, i was so lost.

apparantly, some guy stole something or did something pretty bad, cuz a cop came running into the store and screamed out get on teh ground with a gun, i think i pissed myself when i saw a guy come running in with a gun yelling get down while i was working at a register full of money... even if it was a cop.

ya, working is tiring.

on an unrelated news. fuck the yankees. haha. who'd have thought i'd ever cheer for the red sox for a whole post-season? that's what happens when they play the angels and the yankees,

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[19 Oct 2004|02:56pm]
[ mood | sad ]

if ever there was a reason to cry over football...


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[18 Oct 2004|01:42am]
[ mood | calm ]

i love rain.

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September 2004 [16 Oct 2004|04:28pm]
[ mood | giddy ]

1. the used - in your eyes (i caught fire)
no explanation needed. listen to the intro/main riff.
2. jimmy eat world - work
new album out on tuesday!! though i've had it for awhile, i'll definitely be picking it up asap.
3. brandtson - drawing a line in the sand
this is simply one of the most awesome albums to come out in a long time
4. keane - somewhere only we know
so many people have comapred them to coldplay. they're from the uk and they have a piano, aside from that, i'd say they're much more similar to travis. leading the second uk wave along with snow patrol.
5. sparta - breaking the broken
how could anything they make be bad?
6. snow patrol - how to be dead
mmm, reminds me of pete yorn.
7. fall out boy - grand theft autumn
up there again, this song rocks.
8. the early november - the mountain range in my living room
vocals are excellently performed
9. taking back sunday - bonus mosh part II
where you want to be is definitely different from tell all your friends, but i like it.
10. far from heroes - ashes
sorta got a MCR type feel. dunno, but these guys got talent.
11. daphne loves derby - the longest story
the fact that you can download their cd for FREE off purevolume just makes it that much better. this is definitely a band too look out for on the emo front.
12. spitalfield - stolen from some great writer
album: remember right now
13. jason mraz - no stopping us
album: waiting for my rocket to come
14. chevelle - vitamin r (leading us along)
album: this type of thinking could do us in
15. my chemical romance - helena
album: three cheers for sweet revenge
16. strata - the panic
album: strata
17. lostprophets - start something
album: start something
18. broken social scene - anthems for a 17 year-old girl
album: you forgot it in people
19. trapt - promise
album: trapt [ep]
20. alexisonfire - side walks when she walks
album: watch out

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[16 Oct 2004|08:30am]
[ mood | content ]

i'm up before noon on a weekend why? to begin work at target, haha.

i'll update later about what's been going on.

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[13 Oct 2004|05:56pm]
[ mood | happy ]

got the job at target. need a little reminder, orientation is:

9am, 3-4 hours, 2 ids, red shirt, khaki pants

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[11 Oct 2004|02:23am]
[ mood | good ]

went to theresa's last night with christian and co. it was pretty cool, chilled with a couple old spop buddies and one of christian's friends from physics and what not.

the day wasn't that great mainly cuz costco pulled some bullshit and took my card away cuz they said my aunt's membership ran out (i'm under her account) which i really doubt. they gave cho the same excuse with the same expiration date and did the same process of taking the card (ya, i know, sounds a bit fishy).

today was pretty good. went over to vdc like normal, heh, and chilled with bj. finally got around to doing my 4 weeks worth of clothing (it's a dollar cheaper over there than it is here, so i did my laundry at vdc). while we were waiting on the clothes we went out and tossed the football around then played a scrimmage with RA kevin and his residents later on.

mondays are good. only one hour of class, then i have to go with june and erick to the cadc workshop thing. man, i wish i knew how to dance so i wouldn't look so awkward tomorrow night.

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[09 Oct 2004|02:22am]
[ mood | cheerful ]

ahh yes, the angels got swept! 8-3, 8-3, 8-6 (a fluke 5 run inning, i swear that 3-2 2 out pitch was a strike). i really like having such a light schedule, only about 10 hours of school a week all thanks to that hard work back in high school.

today we played some ball at the arc and then at night i went with chris to cha and then albertsons. we saw kz and tammy at cha so we chilled with them a bit.

last night i signed up for chinese association. who knew i'd join a chink club.

oh, target hasn't called me back yet, i'm starting to worry that i failed something, haha. hopefully not the drug test, damn those poppy seed muffins!

this song makes me feel so light and happy.

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[07 Oct 2004|01:14am]
[ mood | good ]

went to the arc tonight. i'm getting worse and worse at basketball, haha. i've got a paper due in about 2 weeks for psychology and i'm gonna try and be a tutor for humanities core.

i still don't really like the red sox that much, but i hate the angels. and it'll be fun to cheer for the sox while knowing the curse will bite them in the ass at one point or another.

bust out the brooms cuz both socal teams are going to get swept.

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[05 Oct 2004|10:19pm]
[ mood | calm ]

so we signed up our flag football team and our name is the care bears.

yesterday i went to the arc with galvan and cho to lift for a bit. hmm, ya, pretty uneventful. i had some trouble falling asleep which sucked because i woke up with a head ache this morning. took some advil and headed off to my 9:30 class. i hate mornings. but i do like being done with class by 2 everyday.

haha, i always zone out when i'm walking around campus, so sorry if you say hi or wave and it takes me awhile to respond, i just don't really pay attention cuz i'm just tryin to get to class.

geez i really need to get rid of this anxiety.

i really don't have a lot to write about anymore.

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[03 Oct 2004|08:48pm]
[ mood | good ]

hmm. so last night i got my bid. and today i had to call them back to decline. i decided that i have too much going on this quarter (i got the job at target and i'm joining chinese association) to fully commit to pledging. with that said, i'll probably go check em out again next quarter and hopefully i'll have the time to do it. i think a big part of the reason the decision was so difficult was because i wasn't really prepared to actually think about pledging, especially not this quarter.

last night i went over to alex's cuz he was throwing a party. went with kyle and met up with christian and some of his buds. didn't really know anybody there and since we all drove, we couldn't drink too much, so things stayed kinda boring for us. i also took my drug test earlier in the day.

finished up my homework so i've pretty much just been bummin around today. got all rested up this weekend after a long week, heh. i sorta regret not accepting the bid, but i just don't think i was ready this quarter.

btw, what a horrible weekend for bay area sports. our only hope now lies in the golden state warriors, that's right, adonal foyle and derek fisher. haha.

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[02 Oct 2004|02:18am]
[ mood | happy ]

mmm, fridays. one class at 1pm. gotta love it.

after classes i had to drop chris off back here then i changed and made my way back to campus. went to the paphi interview. not sure how that went, mainly cuz i'm not sure if i'm even ready to pledge, which is prob the vibe i gave off. after that i had to stop at the admin building to get proof of attendance to send to my dad's health insurance carrier. and off to target to talk to the manager. i got the position of sales floor associate as long as i pass my drug test and background check and all that good stuff. kidna funny how i search in pleasanton all the time for jobs and can't get anything and i get hired at target in irvine after applying the day before.

went to evan's to celebrate his birthday. the bastard was playing partypoker like always so we had to move over to his apartment. i got the honor of sneaking up from behind and smashing a piece of cake into his face to which he responded by chasing me down and throwing a ball of cake at me. heh, good times.

tonight kyle came over to eat dinner then we watched adaptation on hbo. oh ya, the a's are the source of much pain for me these days =/

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[01 Oct 2004|01:44am]
[ mood | crazy ]

first week of school. classes are pretty good, i think i'll enjoy most of them and the schedule seems to work pretty well for me. parking is horrible, it took me 40 minutes to park on tuesday and i didn't even park in a uci lot, i ended up having to go accross the street into the shopping plaza. cho and christian wanted to check out paphi, so we went to their rush events monday and tuesday night. pretty cool guys, good times, i'm actually considering pledging sometime this year, which is a shock to me (and i'm sure it's a huge shock to all of you too).

yesterday i went and saw ra kevin. wednesday night i went to the arc with cho and galvan. tonight i hung out with kyle and applied to get a job at target, i'm pretty sure i've got a job there as long as i accept whatever they offer (they basically said, i'm recommeding you for a job, we'll call you when we find out what positions we have open). came back for dinner then met up with alex and christian at the CA general meeting. the after event was lollicup which was actually pretty cool. got to meet a buncha people and talk for a bit. ya, the dry apartment life and the comfortable boredom from last year has caused me to go and be active on campus, wow.

pretty eventful first week, i think this is gonna be a good year.

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